Desperate times…

me : Are you looking for a job or smth?
him: dude like crazy, I actually have a little bit of experience in variety of field
– by any chance, is there a slightest window of opportunity at the company where you work?
– Yeah, they hire for this position, www…
– so can i give you my resume or cover letter?
– lol, I’m not HR, but sure you can — you think i can come and meet in person?
– lol, meet who?
– ok i’ll just give you my resume… just look over it if you get the time…
– I will but I can’t really send your credentials personally to HR as that would mean recommendation
– and I can’t recommend you if I don’t know you professionally
– we worked together tho, for 2 years…
– lol :D   dude we worked at ISS helping students, that doesn’t qualify as programming
– i do programming where i volunteer now too, i like it very much, but i am good at other stuff too
– like sales , marketting
– sure, but they are not looking for sales or marketing
– here’s the position, energy market software analyst?
– unless you want to be an office admin (secretara) :D
– i can be an office admin too…
– hahahaha, dude, u got a degree in engineering
– desperate times call for desperate measures my friend…  im really multi faceted tho, not many people know that
– lol, you’re too desperate

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  1. Virgil - Ghiorghi

    Ma numesc Ghiorghi de la Stana de Vale…sunt expert in ciomagit si plimbat oi/capre…plimb si vaca daca vrei…5 ani experienta de muls, preparat lapte gros si lapte dulce, urda, cas, zer etc. Ce zici…ma angajeaza astia ca “energi softuear analist”? Hai ca ma cunosti “prefesional” :) )))

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